Spline x Renault Mégane

Revisit some of Spline's toughest technical challenges thanks to our use cases!

As technical advisors for production companies, we are often called to weigh in on complex shots. Sometimes, even the simplest looking ones end up being the most challenging, like our project for Renault with Publicis Conseil and Bandits Production.

The brief

Help director Elias Ressegatti find a solution to film the final packshot of the entire Renault Mégane fleet, on a set that isn't big enough to fit all the cars together at the same time..!

Optimize our pre-production

3D previs

A shot as important as the final packshot cannot be improvised, especially if it requires you to film 4 sedans with a crane movement, on a set that is too small to fit all of them.

Motion control quickly proved to be the only solution: it allowed us to film 4 identical passes of each car so that the shots could then be matched up perfectly.
Using our in-house Blender add-on Presto, our operators created a 3D previsualisation of the packshot in order to avoid any surprises on the day of shooting. The clients, agency and production teams could see the results in advance to be reassured and make adjustments if necessary.

3D techvis

Presto also allowed us to extract a 3D techvis of the set in advance. This meant the technical crew had all the specs to build the set quickly for this very shot.

Motion control on set

In order to get the crane effect wanted, our crew set up our motion control Sam on a scaffolding. This also allowed us to maximize its vertical reach for this impressive shot.
Thanks to our previously made techvis, the crew had the precise position of the robot mapped out and was able to quickly move it from one one place to another.

It was all about precision, smoothness and effects. The crew staged the cars to fit the storyboard, the DOP's intention for lighting and meet the client's expectations.

Our motion control had the potential to create effects that would have otherwise been impossible to achieve with another camera rig. It enabled creatives to play and increase the visual impact of this final packshot. The results were nothing short of impressive.

Final result

For more information, head over to our dedicated project page for Renault Mégane.