Use Case: Spline for PSG

Revisit some of Spline's toughest technical challenges with us!

Sometimes, it is less a matter of creative potential and more a matter of time optimization. Our shoot with dixhuit production for the PSG team might just be the perfect example for that.


Film all the PSG players in an original way for the annual presentation video that is played before every home game. The twist? Each player was only available to film for 10 minutes, and we only had a half day in total for the shoot!

Motion control preparation

Director Thomas Guinand requested our help, as well as our motion control Sam, to put together this 45" video shot entirely on green screen. The key ingredient was preparation.

Given the shooting conditions, we advised the production team to schedule one prep day at our studio, with our moco.

The director and producers were able to work with the operator to program every motion control trajectory in advance and set every effect they wanted to achieve.

It allowed us to refine the direction, check every transition and fine tune the shoot breakdown, without encroaching on the players' time too much.


On the day of filming, the team was fully ready and we were confident that the prep work we'd done would ensure everything would run smoothly. And it did: our operator shot 125 shots in 4hrs!