SPLINE, A visual engineering studio

Spline is a visual engineering studio located in the north of Paris.

Visual engineering blends technology and visual creativity. For example, we have developed our own motion control systems. We are constantly testing their creative applications : shooting with our Phantom camera or synchronizing them. We are also searching how we can connect them to other existing systems.

The aim is to boost the creative capacity of a production by pushing the limits of our technologies.

optimization From pre-production to post-production

To increase the creative capacity of a production, we are also seeking to optimize it. That is why we are developing a cross-cutting approach of making a film or a sequence, from pre-production to post-production. Setting strong connections between those different stages with VFX production allows to streamline and secure your project.

We are offering a strong expertise in virtual production, covering the entire process with previs, techvis, live-vis on green screen or led walls. Our motion control robots and our camera tracking system are helpful tools in such projects.

our job: dealing with creative challenges

If you are wondering how to create a shot, a sequence or a film, we can design and implement the most adapted technical approach to make your project come alive.