Spline develops and provides systems like JARVIS, but also complementary tools and specific services that can offer shooting capacities to ambitious productions.

Our studio is a toolset for digital producers, the right hand of the DOPs, and a playground for directors.


Our company can provide a full range of additional support services for film and video production :
Budgeting, scheduling, technical crew recruitment, equipment rentals, catering and post-production.
Let us know what you need.
  • VFX Supervision
  • 3230 sqft (300 m2) shooting stage
  • Equipment for highspeed and SFX
  • Motion control JARVIS
  • PreVIZ, TechVIZ & LiveVIZ
  • On Set Grading


serie zeiss compact prime spline

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Series

CP2 15mm T2,9
CP2 25mm T2,1
CP2 35mm T1,5 Super Speed
CP2 50mm T1,5 Super Speed
CP2 85mm T1,5 Super Speed
CP2 135mm T2,1

atomos sumo spline

2x Atomos SUMO 19” (with rolling stand)

For all your other gear needs… 

studio mole richardson spline
  • 2x Rayzr 300w Led Projectors Daylight 
  • 3x Mole Richardsons Senior 900w Led
  • Stands / Dif. Frames / Polys / Magic arms / Weights / Clamps / …


Spline, one place that includes shooting and post-production facilities.
In addition to our studio, a grading and editing room is available. It allows to shoot, control and prepare the color grade of your rushes simultaneously, and then complete the post-production of your film.

Previs | VFX | Finishing

D-Seed is the Spline’s little sister dedicated to Visual Effects, Computer Graphics and 3D technologies that bring virtual worlds alive.

Located at the first floor above the Spline’s facilities, it’s team works closely with Spline’s engineers on R&D programs and productions that need VFXs.

Always looking to optimise the workflow between shooting and CGI productions. Always looking for breathtaking pictures and meaningful effects.

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