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Renault Megane Family


Agency Publicis Conseil
Production Bandits Production
Director Elias Ressegatti
DOP Jan Prahl


Free the camera around the cars!
For the final shot, the stage was not big enough to shoot all the cars together.

#Previs #Techvis #Motion control

3D PreVis

in prep.

The most important shot such as the packshot can’t be improvised. Mostly if you have 4 berlines to shoot in a studio with a crane camera move.

The motion control was the only solution to get the proper 4 passes to match perfectly.

To prepare the shot and avoid surprises on the shoot and in post, we made a PreVis of the packshot.
Clients, agency and production teams could see the result in advance and were reassured.

3D Techvis

in prep.

We then extracted all technical infos of the shot from the TechVis.

It gave the crew all the specs needed to set up the stage in a very short amount of time even in the case of a heavy packshot like this one.

Motion Control

on set.

For the final shot, our motion control Jarvis was taken up in the air on a scaffolding. This gave the possibility to use the most of its vertical reach and get the crane shot wanted.

The crew followed precisely the TechVis provided in prep, moving the robot from a point to another without a doubt.

This is all about precision, smoothness and effects.

Arrived on set, the crew crafted framings to fit the storyboard and meet the client’s expectations in terms of reflection and lights enhancing the cars.

The motion control offered camera effects that no other rig could. It enabled creatives to play and strengthen the visual impact of the picture.