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PSG Players S19/20


Production dixhuit Production
Director Thomas Guinand


Shooting PSG players in an original way to make a presentation video played before each PSG home game.

#Motion control #Preparation

The project challenge

The project challenge was to shoot an original 45’’ video with Jarvis starring 12 PSG players on green screen, knowing that every player is only available for 10 min on half a day.

Mock-up video shot during the preparation day – PSG Players S19/20

Moco preparation

in prep.

Given the shooting conditions, we advised the production team that it would be best to organise a one-day preparation at our studio with the moco.

The director and the production team were able to work with the operator to program every moco trajectory in advance and set every effect they wanted.

It allowed to refine the direction, check every transition and fine tune the shot breakdown.

Making of – PSG Players S19/20

Making of – PSG Players S19/20

Shooting tight

on set.

On stage, the team was completely ready and was able to shoot each player after one another really quickly.
Our operator shot 125 shots in 4h!