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Production Services

Spline’s team supports production companies in the technical implementation of their projects.


Our company can provide a full range of additional support services for film and video production

Let us know what you need.

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Located in the north of Paris, our studio welcomes your productions in a 300m2 (3230 sq ft) space.

Ideal for any type of shooting, it also allows technical and artistic experimentation.

Spline’s team is there to help you design your projects.


Spline, one place that includes shooting and post-production facilities


In addition to our studio, a grading and editing room is available. It allows to shoot, control and prepare the color grade of your rushes simultaneously, and then complete the post-production of your film.


The Seed, Spline’s closest partner, is a company dedicated to visual effects, computer graphics and 3D technologies that bring virtual worlds alive. It is based in the same facilities.

The Seed works closely with Spline’s engineers on R&D programs and productions that need visual effects and CG works.
They work on commercials, narratives and video clips.

Check out their work:

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