Phantom VEO 4K

The ideal companion to our high-speed robotic arms, this camera is perfect for all your slow-motion works: packshots, liquids, textures, food, sports, pyrotechnics, etc…

phantom veo 4k spline
  • Framerates up to:
    938 fps at 4096 x 2304
    1000 fps at 4096 x 2160
    1975 fps at 2048 x 1080
  • Super 35mm sensor
  • Recommended EI range is 800-1000
  • PL or EF mount
  • 72GB RAM (5.6 seconds at 4K)
  • Media offload via 10Gb Ethernet or CFast 2.0
  • Flexible setups (AC power, battery, handheld, wireless, etc)
*** Mobile workstation and operators available in-house ***


And more...
studio mole richardson spline
  • 2x Rayzr 300w Led Projectors Daylight 
  • 3x Mole Richardsons Senior 900w Led
  • Stands / Dif. Frames / Polys / Magic arms / Weights / Clamps / …
serie zeiss compact prime spline

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Series

CP2 15mm T2,9
CP2 25mm T2,1
CP2 35mm T1,5 Super Speed
CP2 50mm T1,5 Super Speed
CP2 85mm T1,5 Super Speed
CP2 135mm T2,1

atomos sumo spline

2x Atomos SUMO 19” (with rolling stand)

fiz hf follow focus spline

HF Follow focus :

  • Tilta Nucleus M
  • Teradek RT

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