JARVIS is the new generation of motion control, completely redesigned to be user friendly, and manageable for DOP and directors. It has been devellopped for all size and kind of films productions, with less technical contraints and no need for calibrations.

Horizontal reach from center
150 cm
60 inches
Minimum reach from ground
0 cm
0 inches
Maximum reach from ground
250 cm
98 inches
Base size (square)
115 cm
46 inches
18 Kg
39 Lbs
Robot arm weigh
500 Kg
1100 Lbs
Power requirements
Tri-phase 300 mA
Setup timing ready to shoot
20 min
New shot
3 min
Change arm ground position
8 minutes


A virtual version of JARVIS gives you the possibilities in pre-production and PreVIZ to build the framing you want to shoot. It can be integrated in any 3D software to remain in you workflow.

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