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GlamBot Cérémonie
des César 2020

Instagram / Académie des César

Agency Pavillon Noir
Production & Post Spline
Director & DoP Antoine Grasset


Shooting moving portraits of all the winners of the 45th César’s Ceremony, during the live show!

#Previs #Techvis #Motion control #Highspeed #Event #Glambot

3D PreVis
& scouting

in prep.

Given the size of this event and talents’ minimal availability, sorting all the logistics was paramount.

We scouted and reconstructed the venue in 3D, to visualize where and how we could set up our booth to get the best result.

Camera movements and lightning were previsualized for approval weeks before the event!

3D TechVis &
Moco preparation

in prep.

Early on we had to ensure we wouldn’t interfere with the media junket already in place.

We suggested several setups with measurements and pictures to help the client and the venue team understand and greenlight the space we would use.

Moco preparation was also completed to refine the technical details and create the post-production workflow.

GlamBot and
fast delivery

on set.

On events like this you have to get your content out as fast as possible. That’s why post-production was done on set using a dedicated high-bandwidth network.

Shooting a talent would take 1 or 2 minutes, and the final film was ready to publish online in less than 10 minutes. That includes offloading, editing, color-grading, motion design, and render !

All that was possible thanks to a solid preparation and by combining clever technology and human skills.

Working with our Phantom VEO camera, the idea was to shoot at highspeed to reveal the Cesar’s winners in all their slow-motion glory.

Our director on set helped feel comfortable and was supported by a small production and post-production crew.