Discover what our fleet of high-speed motion control can do to take your commercial to the next level. Our systems are built for filmwork based on feedback from DOPs and directors. These industry machines are fast, precise and reliable. They are the perfect tool to film complex sequences while helping streamline production, combining creativity with time efficiency.



« What can motion control really do? » is one of our most asked questions, when talking with producers and directors. Our fleet of motion control robots are designed and programmed to help filmmakers create a wide variety of effects and take a commercial to the next level. Here are a few examples:


Multipass involves filming several passes that are layered in post-production to make up one sequence and achieve a wide variety of effects, such as scale, timing, or cloning. Take a look at how we cloned rapper Youssoupha in his music video for Polaroïd Experience.


Motion control are able to move to a speed up to 3m/s, making them perfect to film slow-motion sequences using a high-speed camera such as the Phantom VEO 4k. We tend to use this combo to film premium packshots, and even the 2022 NRJ Music Awards Glambot.


Split screen, infinite shots, sequence shots: using motion control to put together editing effect reduces post-production hassle and widens the scope for creative possibilities. We used it to create the impression of a sequence shot for Soso Maness’s DLB 17, or to create an elevator effect for Vogue CZ’s editorial. 


Targeting, macro, stop motion, in-camera VFX, model mover… Want to know what else motion control can do? Looking for examples of a specific effect you wish to create for a future project? Take a look at our free guidebook on creative effects!



SPLINE opérateurs motion control

Our operators aren’t roboticist, but rather skilled camera operators with a robotic tool. They’ll assist you at every stage of your project:

Go read Antoine's, Simon's and Nicolas's interviews on our blog.

Presto, our intuitive motion control Blender add-on.

One key advantage of using motion control robots is that they can be programmed in 3D. Here’s what Presto -our proprietary Blender add-on- can do:


Create 3D previsualization of a shot ahead of filming: you’re able to see, alter and approve your shots before they’re even filmed, and even know where to place your gear and set on the day.

FAST & Easy

Easily add robots, lenses, cameras and create a movement that can be instantly transmitted to a motion control. This also means we’re able to do some fine tuning on the day of filming if needed.


Presto also works with robots outside of our own, such as Mark Roberts’s Bolt, Sisu, Motorized Precision, Microfilm, Technodolly, PTZ… perfect for international collaborations, such as Dadju ft. Matt Pokora’s Et si on disait.

VFX Friendly

We designed Presto with industry standards in mind, so it could easily fit into existing post-production workflows, making it the best tool for complex visual effects sequences.

Ordinateur portable avec logiciel de motion control capture


SPLINE opérateurs motion control

Our team of skilled motion control operators

Our operators aren’t roboticist, but rather skilled camera operators with a robotic tool. They’ll assist you at every stage of your project:

- Pre-production : our operators advise the director and DOP on the best creative choices for the project. They create a 3D Previs that can be used to get the shots approved by your client.

- Production : they operate your chosen motion control, work with you close to the camera and stand security.

- Post-production : if your ad involves VFX, our operators can send you the tracking information to make post-production easier. They can also provide DITs and VFX supervisors on key post-production aspects.