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Bad Boy

Carolina Herrera

Production Moonwalk Films
Director / DOP Piotr Stoklosa


Shooting a perfume packshot and several textures with a reduced team on set.

#Phantom VEO 4K #Motion control #Cleaning #Finishing #Grading

Shooting fire with Phantom VEO 4K

Shooting several
textures in real

This project relied very much on SFX work: shooting growing flames, broken glass, powder explosions, water drops, inks spreading into water etc.

Our studio allowed the SFX team to work in good conditions: they had enough space to set an experimental area with all their equipment, ingredients and tools.

In addition, the studio was big enough and equipped to organise the different sets needed according to the different textures: to fill up the aquariums for the inks to spread into water, or to place a Tesla coil to produce flashes of lightning for example.


We used our highspeed package to shoot these textures: our Phantom Veo 4k camera combined with Jarvis robot in this case.

This package allowed to add motion to the ultra-slowmotion shots. Here we could show the perfume bottle under different angles while the textures were moving around the bottle.

In addition, we could trigger some SFX mechanisms with the robot and it allowed to reset the shot very quickly and to fine-tune the camera move according to the reaction “played” by the textures.

Shooting flashes of lightning with Phantom camera

Shooting fire with Phantom VEO 4K

a packshot

The production company entrust our post-production department to finish the film.

Since the shooting was organised in our studio, it was really easy for us to process the shots. The VFX team cleaned and added slight effects to the shots, and we also achieved the grading.