Regional expansion : Spline comes to Lyon

Spline and the Pôle Pixel are coming together to offer motion control services as well as technical consulting on visual effects and virtual production in the Lyon region of France.This major development aims to support regional audiovisual projects and to train on how to use these filming technologies


Spline has been advising producers and directors on the best technical solutions for the creation of visual effects sequences since 2018. The 4 founders -Romain Bourzeix, Claire-Alix Gomez, Lucas Limonne et Antoine Grasset- all come from Lyon and its neighboring cities: being able to contribute to the local industry has a very special meaning.

“We all grew up and lived there. Ever since we created Spline together, we've always had this dream to contribute to the local film industry. We were very lucky to meet Bastien Thibaudier and his team at the Pôle Pixel. We instantly got along and together, we were able to lay the foundations of us coming to Lyon."

- Lucas Limonne, Co-founder and Production Director at Spline

Learn HOW to use new technologies

Spline is convinced of the importance to give creatives the best technical solutions to fit their ambition and the production parameters.

After the success of a week-long workshop on motion control in April 2023, Spline and the Pôle Pixel will set up training courses as soon as 2024. These workshops will be destined to students and professionals alike and aims at familiarizing them with virtual production and new filming technologies in general.

Aftermovie - PlatForm workshop


Sam motion control spline

Spline opens its first secondary location at the Pôle Pixel in Lyon, with the motion control Sam. A trained operator will also be on location to work on films and advise technical crews and productions.

Sam is, like the rest of the fleet, an industrial motion control robot adapted for filming. It is fast (3m/s), precise and able to endlessly repeat a movement, making it the perfect tool for complex filming sequences. Sam is a multipurpose robot that can adapt to a wide range of shootings, from packshots to complex action scenes.