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Disney Company / Ministère de l’éducation

Production Favorite Production
Director Matthias Jenny & Koya Kamura
DOP Romain Alama
Visual Effects D-Seed


One sequence-shot turning around different kids
in different places, with a moving crowd around them.

#Previs #Techvis #VFX Supervision #Motion control #Editing #Grading

3D PreVis

in prep.

From the very beginning of the project, we created a 3D PreVis of how the directors wanted to frame and pace the film.

previs 3d disney spline

PreVis was key for Spline’s team to be able to decide what tools and techniques would meet the artistic expectations. But it was also very important for the client to validate the concept and of course for the directors to project themselves in what their picture would look like.

3D TechVis

in prep.

From the moment the Previs has been validated by everyone involved, we breakdowned all artistic constraints to translate them into technical solutions, from motion control to visual effects.

3d techvis disney spline
After the recce on location, all measurements have been applied into a 3D scene of the Previs : the TechVis. From TechVis, we got datas such as : mechanical timings, action timings, set dimensions, green screen sizes, lighting needed, camera and lenses specs, and everything the crew needed to know for a smooth shooting schedule.

Motion control & VFX

on set & in post

In this case, the motion control was used because of the following capacities :
it is repeatable and it allows change of the speed for a same move.

D-Seed team worked closely with Spline to get the best out of the shooting, enabling fast and cost effective post-production.

Empty pass
character pass disney spline
Character pass
extras pass disney spline
Extras pass / Motion speed ÷5
Final shot